Laura Marling – Sydney Opera House, February 9, 2012

So, this is the last installment of the series. I especially really wanted to see this one, but the tickets that were left did not have the best viewing angle (since I found about it a little too late). Then they were all sold out.

And I was also indecisive because at the same date, there would be a Seal concert too in Canberra. I decided to go with the latter. But what do you know, the concert was cancelled at the last minute because Seal was going through the divorce process with then wife, Heidi Klum (insert Daily Mirror here). So I also cancelled the trip to Canberra.

That day, I just planned to see the Sydney Opera House. Without any expectation and just because, I checked the seat for Marling’s concert. Well, what do you know, there were two seats available again, positioned right in the centre of the row, eye level. Perfect!

I was hesitant at first, but then my cousin Dera said, “Well, better grab it than regret it.” So I ran back up and bought the ticket. I guess if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

Stupid story. Since I bought it at the last minute, I didn’t check again how the concert was going to be. Apparently it was a two-act concert. In the first half she performed all her songs from “A Creature I Don’t Know” and in the second half she sang other songs from previous and upcoming albums. Ey! I almost left after the first half. Good thing I wondered why nobody seemed to be leaving the building, then asked one of the officers, otherwise…

A Creature I Don’t Know

1. The Muse
2. I Was Just a Card
3. Don’t Ask Me Why
4. Salinas
5. The Beast
6. Night After Night
7. My Friends
8. Rest in the Bed
9. Sophia
10. All My Rage


11. Ghosts
12. My Manic & I
13. Alas I Cannot Swim
14. New Song
15. Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)
16. What He Wrote
17. Rambling Man
18. Alpha Shallows
19. Blackberry Stone
20. Made by Maid
21. I Speak Because I Can

With this one, she exuded a different aura, a more mature and graceful vibe. She does feel a lot older then most of her peers, in a good way. It’s fascinating that all three shows gave a different feeling.

Since audience were not allowed to bring cameras or other recording devices, these are the only photos I could get with iPhone’s very poor low light camera performance.

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