Laura Marling – Forum Theatre, Melbourne, February 2, 2012

In 2012, I got a chance to watch Laura Marling’s shows. Not once, not twice, but three times! The Forum was the first of three. While the initial plan was only to watch her in Sydney’s Laneway Festival, but thanks to (insert sarcasm here) my dear friend Rama, I was tempted to go to Melbourne as well to catch her other show. So glad that I did. The third was accidental though (well, that’s another story). All these shows were part of Marling’s tour following the release of her third album, “A Creature I Don’t Know”.
Cleared out the whole day from anything that could fail me from getting the front and strategic spot which got me end up queueing from 5pm when the show itself started at 9pm *cries*. Dapet salam dari ngantri bengong sendirian dan kelaperan!
The Forum is a quite small theatre and live music venue with its mock Moorish turrets, elaborate facade, opulent lobby and exotic, faux Greco-Roman theatre. What felt somewhat weird, strangely fit almost perfectly with the haunting ambience of Marling’s music. The atmosphere was so serene you could hear a pin drop or the breath of the person standing next to you.
Marling was magnetising. She didn’t need to do a lot. She didn’t even need to talk, though her effort to make jokes here and there, despite her awkward self, did add a surprising bubbly element to her performance and another layer to her ice queen image. Most of the times she sang looking up, as if trying to avoid eye contact with anyone which made her look like she was lost in her own world. Her being so absorb in her own thoughts made me so absorb in watching her. Definitely one of the most captivating artists and performances I’ve ever seen. Hauntingly beautiful.

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