NKOTBSB Tour: One Night, One Stage – Mata Elang International Stadium (MEIS), June 1, 2012

I vaguely remember the first time I watched NKOTB’s concert. It was back in 1992 and they were at the height of their fame, but soon to be slipping down. “Step By Step” was released 2 years before the much-awaited concert. It was the last NKOTB sound for me.

Back then, I attended one of those schools which had limited classrooms, so they split shifts. I was in second grade of junior high and all the second graders got the afternoon shift. So to watch the ‘dream concert’, I skipped school just to line up from 2pm while the concert itself was around 7 or 8pm. And I didn’t even hold the VVIP ticket, just the 3rd class one which was placed at the very back of the hall. OMG so silly! I can’t even remember how I survived waiting. Did I even eat? Maybe I was just hangin’ tough.

Fast forward 20 years to 2012, they have reunited for four years. They released a crappy single “Summertime” which video looks like a bunch of old perverts hanging out with young girls. Ew! The whole album was no better, it sounds… lost.

But for the sake of my fangirl heart who’s forever 14 at heart when it comes to NKOTB, I just couldn’t miss the NKOTBSB concert. Kind of surreal to think that I was going to watch the same idols I watched 20 years ago. It’s like a reminder, “Ah, yes, we’ve aged”.

And so have they. NKOTB was never known for its vocal strength. Even the dance-machine K-Pop idols have members who sing a whole lot better than Jordan Knight. That showed in their performance. Sometimes they sang off-tune, sometimes they lost breath. It’s quite painful to watch when that happened. But there’s almost no logic when it comes to fangirling. We were all screams and hysterical. And for a moment it was nice to remember we were once young.

1. Single / The One (NKOTBSB)
2. Summertime (NKOTB)
3. The Call (BSB)
4. Dirty Dancing (NKOTB)
5. Get Down (You’re The One for Me) (BSB)
6. You Got It (The Right Stuff) (NKOTB)
7. Larger Than Life (BSB)
8. Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)(NKOTB)
9. Valentine Girl (NKOTB)
10. If You Go Away (NKOTB)
11. Please Don’t Go Girl (NKOTB)
12. Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely (BSB)
13. 10,000 Promises (BSB)
14. I’ll Never Break Your Heart (BSB)
15. Drowning (BSB)
16. Incomplete (BSB)
17. Step by Step (NKOTB)
18. Cover Girl (NKOTB)
19. My Favorite Girl (NKOTB)
20. Games (NKOTB)
21. Tonight (NKOTB)
22. Shape of My Heart (BSB)
23. As Long as You Love Me (BSB)
24. All I Have to Give (BSB)
25. We’ve Got It Goin’ On (BSB)
26. Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) (BSB)
27. I’ll Be Loving You (Forever) (NKOTB)
28. I Want It That Way (BSB)
29. Don’t Turn Out the Lights (NKOTBSB)


30. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) (BSB)
31. Hangin’ Tough (NKOTB)
32. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) / Hangin’ Tough (NKOTBSB)
Processed with VSCO with m6 preset
We actually looked better than 20 years ago, didn’t we? The Blockheads: Tria, Astrid, Me, Iva, Muning, Rina, Kiky, and Astrid’s sis-in law

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