Electric: Pet Shop Boys Live – Jakarta Convention Center, August 17, 2013

I am not exactly a PSB die-hard fan, but I wouldn’t miss the chance to watch their performance live. It’s the legendary PSB for God’s sake! Thank goodness luck was on my side. At the very last minute, Anya got me a free festival ticket from her cousin whose company he worked for sponsoring the concert. Woohoo!

Entering JCC, looked like it was going to be a pool of Jakarta’s “anak lama”, the scene kids and gay scenes melt into one in this one giant dance floor. And it was. It was like being in some underground gay club in London, where everybody lose themselves in disco and synth-pop tunes (pfft like I have ever been to one).

The stage might be small and could look rather empty with only Tennant, Lowe and the two backup dancers occupying the stage, but the void was filled in and juxtaposed with flashy and colourful, slightly futuristic visuals in the background, lasers and lightings, and of course their haute-couture-inspired and grand theatrical costumes. You are definitely in for a treat when there are two people with buffalo heads dancing to a creepy intro on the stage. It’s genius.  The show was truly a feast to the ears, eyes and soul. Yup, soul. No, I’m not exaggerating *rolling eyes*

The setlist consisted of 24 songs, including the encore. Sadly, “Being Boring” was not there.

1. Axis
2. One More Chance / A Face Like That
3. Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)
4. Memory of the Future (‘New Single Mix’ version)
5. Fugitive
6. Integral
7. Sample of “The Rite of Spring”
8. I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing
9. Suburbia
10. I’m Not Scared
11. Fluorescent
12. West End Girls
13. Somewhere
14. Leaving
15. Thursday
16. Love Etc.
17. I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)
18. Rent
19. Miracles
20. It’s a Sin
21. Domino Dancing
22. Always on My Mind


23. Go West
24. Vocal

Perhaps what sets PSB apart from today’s overabundant gimmicky artists is the substance of their music and performance despite sounding “fun”, as described by Stuart Maconie in a review for Q magazine. He described their personae as the academic and the hedonist – and played on this in their public image and lyrics. An idea you cannot escape watching their concert. It was brilliantly fun. One of the best concerts ever, ever, EVVEEERRR!!!

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset
Anya & me smiling widely in front of the standing banner

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