Tommy Page: Come Home – Upper Room, November 15, 2013

Tommy Page entered the mainstream pop scene with “A Shoulder To Cry On” in 1988. That time I was only 10 years old. But he only came to fame two years later with a smash hit “I’ll Be Your Everything” which was co-written by Page, Jordan Knight, and Danny Wood of New Kids On The Block. Unfortunately it was short-lived. The third album saw the decline of his popularity in his homeland, though he continued to have relatively mediocre hits in Asia, mainly in Southeast Asia.

In don’t think I ever saw his live show when he was still at the peak of his popularity. So when he came to have a fan meeting in a mall in Bekasi, I thought just have to go. Then I guess luck was still on my side because at the last minute, a friend gave me a pair of tickets to his “Come Home” concert. Probably Southeast Asia still feels kind of like home to him.

To be honest, I hardly remember how that concert went, however I do remember how his 2016 concert, “Up Close and Personal With Tommy Page” was. His voice, though often shaky and sometimes out of tune, still sounded like how it was on the record. I couldn’t help cringing every time he danced toΒ some cheesy choreography. Despite the shy image, he lived up the room with self-deprecating jokes about his singing career which only add charm to his gawky and humble persona. Now looking back after his passing earlier this March, I wonder if those jokes in a way were a cry for help. Many speculated that he suffered from depression, which led to suicide.

His shows, much like his career, were nothing spectacular nor sensational. It was his melancholy songs and sincere performance that made the concert felt so heartwarming and nostalgic.

1. Zillion Kisses
2. Turn On The Radio
3. I’m Falling In Love/Missing You
4. Paintings in My Mind
5. When I Dream of You
Excerpt: I Still Believe in You and Me (With Pongki Barata)
6. I Break Down
7. Just Before (I Was Gonna Say I Love You)
8. I Think I’m In Love
10. Madly In Love
11. Don’t Give Up On Love (Featuring Citra Scholastika)
12. Time
13. Tell The World
14. I’ll Be Your Everything
15. A Shoulder To Cry On
*from various sources

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

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