Super Junior Super Show 7S in Jakarta – Indonesia Convention Exhibition ICE BSD, June 15, 2019

First Love Second Date

And always a last minute decision. Good thing this time I still managed to catch up the whole show, unlike the first one where I got stuck at the ticket booth for 45 minutes (!) because the payment system encountered a problem.

From my vague memory, I feel that the previous concert felt somewhat grander, especially in terms of stage and visual designs, and obviously longer. Super Show 6 lasted for 3,5 hours! I confirmed this later by watching YouTube videos.

But hey, they say first love doesn’t really die, right?

Intro (VCR)

1. Black Suit
3. Don’t Don

Intermission (Chit chat)

4. Mamacita

Intermission (VCR)

5. One More Time (Otra Vez)
6. It’s You
7. U

Intermission (VCR)

9. It Has to Be You (Yesung solo)
10. Drunk in the Morning (Ryeowook solo)
11. Lost (Donghae solo)
12. ‘Bout you (Super Junior D&E)
13. Oppa, Oppa (Super Junior D&E)
14. Choki Wa (Super Junior D&E)

Intermission (Chit chat)

15. Runaway
16. Rokkuko
17. October Rain (Siwon Solo)
18. Siwon’s dance
19. Tegar (Ryeowook & Yesung featuring Rossa)
20. Pudar (Rossa)

Intermission (VCR)

21. Super Duper
22. Rockstar
23. Let’s Dance
24. Illusion (Eunhyuk solo)
25. Sorry, Sorry
26. Bonamana

Intermission (VCR)

27. Marry Me (Leeteuk solo)
28. I Do


32. Ahora te puedes marchar (Luis Miguel song)
33. Devil
34. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!
35. Miracle

PS: Not quite sure about the setlist though

Processed with VSCO with tk preset
How handsome is Donghae?
Processed with VSCO with j4 preset
Ryeowook & Yesung featuring Rossa – Tegar
Processed with VSCO with e3 preset
Super Junior
Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset
Super Junior
Processed with VSCO with tk preset
Super Junior
Processed with VSCO with j5 preset
Leeteuk – Marry Me
Processed with VSCO with e2 preset
First Love
Processed with VSCO with tk preset
See you at SS8, boys!


All photos taken with Xiaomi MiA2


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