2017 CNBLUE Live Between Us in Jakarta – Indonesia Convention Exhibition BSD, July 15, 2017

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Lee Jung Shin, Kang Ming Hyuk, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun

I have a chronic case of being in love and in hate with CNBLUE. I have to say, their music is not brilliant. It’s not even on par with, let’s say, Nell or Kiha and The Faces. Though earlier albums are pretty good, recent albums have been frustration after frustration. This seems to be a problem with a band that’s treated like an idol group. Instead of digging and exploring their musicality and messages that they want to convey, CNBLUE seems to be more infatuated with the idea of concepts, just like any other money-machine idol group. Concept album is great, if you have things to say. Important things, and not some spring-inspired sound. WHAT… THE… HECK!!!

But the thing is, you can always count on their live performances. They have always been great. At least from what I saw on TV and YouTube. And the “Between Us” show is no exception. Despite the poor sound system and the hall’s acoustic (I caught Jong Hyun a few times looking quite upset because of the mic’s volume and probably his troubled monitor. A few times he and Yong Hwa sang off-key too), they gave a high-octane performance, which I have to say largely thanks to sugar-rushed Yong Hwa who looked like an energizer bunny high on steroids.

They went on 2,5 hours almost non-stop and with little conversation in between. I have no problem with that as long as they deliver a stellar show, which they did. Yong Hwa is admittedly a commendable frontman. It’s safe to say that it was practically he alone that carried the group’s interaction with the audience. I would love to hear more from Jong Hyun (as he is my so-called bias in the group and also one of my favourite voices in K-pop), unfortunately the sound system problem just ruined the chance to listen to his deep melancholic voice at full capacity. Having said that, though he’s supposedly my bias, it was Min Hyuk who really stole my eyes. Cute and sexy at the same time (pardon my being a perv).

I’m really glad that I decided to go at the last minute, otherwise I’d regret it. To be honest, it was We Got Married that brought me to CNBLUE, as cliché as it may sound. After two years of wasting my time on shipping Lee Jong Hyun & Gong Seung Yeon, wouldn’t it be a complete waste if I didn’t go when I had the chance? Yup, I know. Excuses, excuses LOL.

Now, out of the boys’ performance topic, I have to say that I’m really, really satisfied with my phone camera. No, we’re not talking about professional smartphone photography, just the regular amateurish fan photography. Some of the more high-end smartphones don’t even fare well in the low-light condition despite the massive stage lighting (I’m looking at you, iPhone). Compared to the more sophisticated Android phones, I’d say it only loses in the detail department. And sound. Hence, I didn’t record many videos (other than I ran out of space LMAO).

What bothered me, of course, since I didn’t stand in the middle, most of the photos came out being too asymmetrical. To those who know me well, they’d know that it bothers the heck out of me. So I had to give in to Photoshop, again, to make some stretches and fine tuning without changing much of the original photos. I think.

So here they are. For once, I’m being less picky and just post them all.

Setlist (based on 2017 CNBLUE Live Between Us in Seoul)
1. Intro
2. Radio
3. When I Was Young
4. Domino
5. I’m Sorry
6. Can’t Stop
7. It’s You
9. Sweet Holiday
10. LOVE
11. Lie
12. Blind Love
13. Royal Rumble
14. In My Head
15. You’re So Fine
16. Face To Face
17. Wake Up
18. Feeling
19. Coffee Shop
20. Cinderella
21. Between Us
Encore (Acoustic)
1. Catch Me
2. Manito
3. Young Forever

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Lee Jong Hyun
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Jung Yong Hwa
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Lee Jung Shin & Lee Jong Hyun
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See how energetic Yonghwa is?

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My poor quality video. The sound’s so messy 😦






2PM World Tour ‘Go Crazy’ 2015 in Jakarta – Istora Senayan, March 28, 2015

Edited from my previous post published earlier here:

Finally! I got the chance to watch The (arguably) Best Looking Bunch in Idols Universe’s concert (it’s the title I crowned them after having watched too many episodes of Inkigayo).

2PM World Tour ‘Go Crazy’ 2015 was my first K-Pop concert experience and I was really impressed. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t know them earlier. Had I known them as well as I do now, I would’ve made time to watch their performance in the Blackberry’s Live & Rockin’ Concert in 2011. Back then, it was only Suede that attracted me to go.

The show started at 6.30 PM sharp and it lasted for 2,5 hours. Pretty long I say. But due to my stupidity, I only managed to get into the concert hall when it was almost the second half of the show. I have to admit, these boys didn’t disappoint. Based on my previous experiences watching boyband concerts which all happened to be the ‘first-world countries’ boybands’ (LMAO), I think this was the first time that I felt truly mind-blown.

The problem with those first-world boybands is that I often feel that they don’t give their all at times. They are often caught laughing or giggling from inside jokes at the back of the stage. I get that they might be exhausted from all the shows they have to do, but here’s the problem. Some fans have to save a lot of money just to see their idols live and up close. For some it even takes months or even years to do so. So if they’re acting like “What country is this again? Oh, we might as well make a stop while we’re around”, that’s just unacceptable. New Kids On The Block was kind of like that when they had their first concert here back in 1992.

It was a completely different case with these boys. Throughout the concert (which I only got to watch half part of it), I hardly caught them fooling around with each other, at least not until the very end of the show. There was also no hint of boredom and tiredness. Everyone focused on entertaining the audience. So was when they had to bid farewell, it came across as a sincere goodbye. No repetitive saccharine sweet words of parting. My guess is (which still needs to be proven by watching more K-Pop shows) that it has something to do with Korean psyche to serve others pleasantly. It translated seemingly genuine as “we are here because of you” rather than just a mere lip-service.

The only problem I had was that I didn’t grow up listening to their music. I have no memory whatsoever about them in my adolescent years. So even if their performance was mind-blowing and hard-hitting, it didn’t really hit me that hard, though it did leave a wide smile on my face.

But then again, it could be just a problem with the sound and the melody. I can totally be immersed in Kim Dong Ryul’s songs because they give the same feeling of memory melancholia like those of The Carpenters’, for instance.

1. Heartbeat
2. Without You
3. HOT
4. Go Crazy! (미친거 아니야?)
5. 10점 만점에 10점 (10 Points Out Of 10)
6. The Word, Love (사랑한단 말) (Taecyeon & Chansung)
7. Please Come Back (돌아와줘) (Taecyeon & Chansung)
8. Rain Is Falling (비가와)
9. I’m Sorry
10. Come Back When You Hear This Song (이 노래를 듣고 돌아와)
11. A Night Like Tonight (오늘 같은 밤)
12. Hands Up
13. No Love (Intro) (Jun.K)
14. Sexy Lady (Intro) (Wooyoung)
15. Superman (Jun.K & Wooyoung)
16. Sexy Lady
17. I’m Your Man
18. A.D.T.O.Y. (하.니.뿐.)
19. Love Is True (Nichkhun & Junho)
20. Sayang Semuanya (Chansung)
21. Dekat Di Hati (Chansung & Wooyoung)
22. Again And Again
23. Tired Of Waiting (기다리다 지친다 ), I Hate You (니가 밉다), As Soon As (마자) (Medley)
24. I’ll Be Back
25. Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop
26. Game Over
27. 이별여행 (Farewell Journey)
28. Hands Up + Go Crazy! (미친거 아니야?) (Medley)


Their pronunciations of RAN’s “Dekat Di Hati” was actually quite impressive


So Ji Sub Fan Meeting – Twenty: The Moment in Jakarta, Kasablanka Hall, April 7, 2017

Thank God for Photoshop, filters and presets! I’m no purist, and at times like these, they come in really handy.

Most K-Pop live shows in Jakarta typically won’t allow the audience to bring any type of camera, at least the ones that I have gone to (except for 2PM’s, I think). Bummer. So you only have your smartphone camera to rely on. Unless you’re in the front row seats, chance is you’ll get nothing but a stage, the screens and a tiny figure of the star(s), or pixelated images due to forced zoom in, which I always try to avoid.

Good thing when he switched roles from So Ji Sub the actor into So Ji Sub the rapper, he asked the crowd to join ‘the party’. Yah, who wants to sit while dancing to hiphop tunes, that’d be weird. So everyone got up and some even swarmed to the front of the stage, especially those in the front section, including me, hence the almost close up shots.

Sumringah faces of fangirls (and fanboy). Cr: Mecimapro